Board Management Online Solutions for Outstanding Results

Real-time information transmission, automated meeting preparation, digital documentation, and better communication routes are all advantages of board management software.

What is Board Management Software, and how does it work?

Most businesses choose a vendor-provided board management solution that can be readily integrated into their existing IT systems and already meets the requisite security requirements. Professionals utilize board management software to plan, organize, and make decisions using collaborative tools to access workplace data. Using the table below, compare the top Board Management software presently available.

Convene’s Board Management System

Convene is the most useful and versatile board software solution available today, among the many available providers.

Convene may be utilized on a variety of platforms and contains features that board secretaries and directors will find useful. Our board of directors software also offers a user-friendly navigational system that aids in the creation of a solid process and the cultivation of good governance, making boards more effective in the long term.

Convene is adaptable to respond to each client’s demands, knowing that each firm has different requirements and compliance issues.

  • Board packages are sent digitally and quickly for meetings.
  • Businesses may save money on things like travel, printing, and lodging.
  • Board meeting software allows board members to participate in board meetings from a distance without causing any trouble.
  • Meetings of committees and boards are more organized, comfortable, and engaging.
  • Using it as an online board management tool offers a more flexible way to arrange and hold top-level operations meetings in general.


They know boards at Boardable. That’s why we created the most advanced board management platform available. During a mission-critical meeting, the last thing you need is extra tabs to handle. We understand because we’ve been there. Thousands of organizations throughout the world rely on our straightforward one-screen experience to organize meetings, develop, and share content.

OnBoard Board Management Software

Board meetings should be well-informed, efficient, and straightforward. The OnBoard board intelligence platform streamlines complex, inefficient, and time-consuming board meeting processes, allowing boards to focus on what matters most: realizing their organization’s goal. Discover a board platform that simplifies decision-making.


Thousands of satisfied customers have agreed that MyBoardPacket is safe, straightforward, and easy to use since 2001. Document management, online voting, online debates, and more are all available through this online board meeting management platform. allows you to create a board portal that is so versatile that it can also be used as an extranet or an intranet.


BoardSpot was built from the bottom up to provide everything a board needs to properly run their organization. We’ve combined exquisite design with governance best practices at every turn to provide organizations with the cleanest and most basic collection of tools possible.


nTask is a project management software that was one of the first to simplify job management. The platform enables users to do more while adhering to all industry quality requirements. nTask is highly configurable and one of the most cost-effective options available. nTask is suitable for teams of all sizes and industries. More than 200,000 people have signed up.

Azeus Convene

Convene is award-winning board management software that improves meeting efficiency by organizing and disseminating board materials, as well as conducting, recording, and producing actions. Convene is the preferred platform for listed businesses, SMEs, banks, governments, and nonprofits in over 100 countries due to its secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use features.

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